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Web Developer

Since 2013 not to be presumptuous, but I really enjoy coding. I try to be at the forefront of technology. I am a logic individual that wants to Breakaway from the scheme of things, I believe I have a purpose and it's to become a Full-Stack Developer that breaksthroughs with new ideas and development.

But that is not all, technology is growing everyday, security is key and that is why I am stacking to my skill set Network Security & IT.

“90% of what is considered "impossible" is, in fact, possible. The other 10% will become possible with the passage of time & technology.”
-Hideo Kojima


  • GatsbyJs
  • React
  • NodeJs
  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • JAM Stack
  • LAMP Stack
  • Shopify API
  • Liquid/Twig
  • SQL & no-SQL
  • Digital Ocean
  • Ubuntu
  • Much more...


Illinois Dermatology Inst.
A superlightweight Wordpress Theme with Webpack, bringing to Life Speed & Performance into one.
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Twist & Shout Events
Previous Wordpress site build migrated to Squarespace for a better UX for the client backend. Full build.
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Half Moon Resort
Full website built, with existing ASP .NET CMS, Custom CSS, javascript and jQuery for UI for all devices.
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Shopify website Liquid theme updates and maintenance.
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Email Templates
Creation of email template with tables to accomodate Outlook, Gmail & Yahoo users. UI across tablet and mobile devices.
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